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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Social Sciences

Head of Social Sciences:  Ms N Shahbazi

Psychology Teacher:    Ms L Cookson

Psychology is the study of the human mind. Students will explore theories that seek to explain human behaviour and evaluate research that has been carried out by psychologists to support their assumptions.

The syllabus encompasses topics as diverse as eyewitness testimony, cultural variations in attachment, stress management and explanations of obedience. Additionally students will learn how to carry out research, consider ethical implications and analyse data.

The course includes introductory topics in psychology, psychology in context, issues and debates in psychology, and research methods.

Student of Psychology will demonstrate:

  • Descriptive and evaluative skills.
  • Application and analysis of descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • Familiarity with psychological approaches that underpin this subject.
  • Knowledge of key studies and a sensitivity towards cultural relativism.

In AS, students will investigate social influences, memory, attachment, biopsychology, approaches, psychopathology and research methods. At A2 there is a choice of topics; students are likely to explore research into gender, stress, and forensic psychology.