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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Mission Statement


To support students to become the best possible versions of themselves in everyway


Work Hard, Be Kind, Have Passion

Core Values:


Be Kind – we are impeccably respectful, kind, tolerant and support all others regardless of their, or our background, or circumstances.  We understand it takes a whole team to develop each of us.

Work Hard -  we are resilient in everything we do, we know that even if we have tried our hardest we may still fail, but we learn from this.  We know ability is not fixed, we might just need to work harder!

Pursue Excellence -  we strive to do everything academically and personally to the best of our ability and give ‘no excuses’.

Have Passion -  we pursue our interests and moments that may seem divergent from our current path, all with an open mind in the knowledge that this will support us to become a better version of ourselves.

Curiosity -  we think ‘outside-the-box’, understanding that all new learning is just problem solving and get involved in the extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities in the school and beyond as we never know where they may lead us & how they may influence us.

These core values guide us and in so doing help all of us to transform lives. Holmer Green Senior School aims to attract, develop and retain excellent staff who are highly motivated and appropriately challenged and rewarded.  We expect staff to set the standards and act as an example to our students.  We expect students to respect the fundamental British values of tolerance, mutual respect, the rule of law, democracy and individual liberty.  We will manage the school’s resources effectively, delivering best value for money.  We will play an active role in the local community.