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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School



Head of Maths: Mr J Ortega 

Deputy Head of Maths: Mrs E Hill

Maths Teacher - Mr S Evitts

Maths Teacher - Mrs S Dass

Maths Teacher - Mrs C Douglas

Maths Teacher - Ms C Chavda

Maths Teacher - Mr D Harris

Maths Teacher - Miss A Crowe

Maths Teacher - Mrs D Rouf

Maths Teacher - Mr D Louca 

Maths Teacher - Mr B Richards 

Maths Teacher - Mrs J Merrylees

The Maths Department continues to deliver superb results so that all students at our school achieve their potential.


The aims of the Maths Department are to ensurre that our students:

Are confident, analytical and problem-solving thinkers;

Question the world around them and unravel assumptions to arrive at their own logical conclusions;

Have the appreciation of mathematics through questioning and curiousity;

Develop the confidence and ability to apply mathematics to everyday situations.


Our staff aim to deliver lessons that ensure students have a deep understanding of the subject and are encouraged to ask questions and communicate their understanding to their peers.


All sets are tested regularly. These tests allow our students to reflect on their learning and plan the next steps in their studies.


All sets are supported by homework to give pupils the opportunity to assess their progress regularly.


We encourage our students to enter UK wide competitions so that they develop into confident mathematicians