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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Mathematics in Context - AS

Mathematics in Context is a course intended for students who are keen to extend their GCSE Maths skills for a future study or work, but are not planning on taking Mathematics at A level. If you are planning to study subjects such as Science, Geography, Business, Economics or Psychology at A level, or a vocational qualification, or are planning to take an apprenticeship or move into employment, Mathematics in Context will be useful to help refine and develop your maths skills.

Mathematics in Context is different from GCSE Maths. During your studies, you will look at how to use and apply Maths in many different situations. You will read articles that involve interpreting data and mathematical information, all from relevant and interesting sources. At the end of the two-year course, you will be awarded a Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics in Context, similar to an AS. The qualification is also recognised in UCAS points.

Course Content

The content has been carefully selected to support the mathematical needs of a range of AS, A Level and BTEC Level 3 qualifications, and to provide a progression from GCSE Mathematics. The four content strands are: Applications of Statistics, Probability, Linear programming, Sequences and Growth.

Year 12

Edexcel Level 3 Maths in Context (Unit 1 to 7)

Plot graphs, Ratios, Geometric sequences, Golden ratio, Iteration, Linear Sequences, Spearman’s rank, Log function, Fibonacci sequence, Sum of convergent series, Linear graph, Sum of Nth-terms, Percentages, Venn diagrams, Probability tree diagram, Standard deviation, Log functions.

Year 13

Edexcel Level 3 Maths in Context (Unit 8 to 12)

Probability, Formula, Interest, Quadratic graph, Venn diagrams, Histogram, Sum of series, Scatter graph, Calculate averages, Speed Velocity, Moving averages, PMCC, Interest, Percentage, Quadratic sequences, Differentiation, Quadratic graph, Quadratic sequences, Regression line.


Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel AS level

Paper 1 Comprehension (40%)

Paper 2 Applications (60%)

Head of subject: 

Mr J Ortega

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 Maths 

Are you interested in? Psychology, Statistics, Business, Computing, Economics, Accountancy…

Leading to a career in: Accountancy, Insurance, General Management, Local Government,   Economist, Psychologist, Teaching 

This subject goes well with: Biology, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Arts, Music, PE and Business Studies