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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Mathematics - A Level

Mathematics is a stimulating and rewarding subject. At Holmer Green Senior School we aim to consolidate the students’ understanding of mathematics and develop their confidence to tackle higher level problems. The course will also aim to develop students’ ability to reason mathematically a give them a form foundation for further study in a wide range of subjects.

The course is a mixture of theoretical and applied mathematics, building on skills acquired at GCSE. While students are encouraged to develop their general problem-solving skills, there is a particular emphasis on algebra and a variety of applied skills.

Course Content

Year 12

Pure Mathematics 1

Algebraic techniques, 2-D Geometry, Graph Sketching, Sequences and an Introduction to Calculus.

Vectors, Statistics and Mechanics.

Trigonometry, Logs and Exponentials, Binomial Expansion and Geometrics Sequences and Series.

Statistics and Mechanics 1

Statistical sampling, Data presentation and interpretation, Probability, Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s Law.

Year 13

Pure Mathematics 2

Functions, Numerical Methods, Differentiation, Proofs and Further Trigonometry. Exponential and logarithms, Vectors.

Advanced Trigonometry, Algebra and Calculus, Numerical Methods, Sequence and Series.

Statistics and Mechanics 2

Further probability of significance testing. Kinematics, Forces, Moments.


  Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

2 Pure Mathematics Papers (2/3)

1 Applied Mathematics Paper (Statistics and Mechanics) (1/3)

Head of subject: Mr J Ortega 

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 Maths (Higher)

Are you interested in: Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, Business, Computing, Economics, Accountancy…?

Leading to a career in: Actuarial Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Economist, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Banking, Teaching, Law, Medicine, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy 

This subject goes well with:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and Business Studies.

Student Views

“The satisfaction of problem solving fuels my desire to learn and further my skills.”