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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Head Students

Head Student - Megan Cheshire

Subjects Studied: Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, Geography, Food Science and Nutrition

Hobbies: cooking and baking 

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I will hopefully go to university to become either a primary or secondary teacher.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Our sixth form is a safe space for everyone to explore their futures and grow into the people they want to be. 


Head Student - James Keen

Subjects Studied: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, EPQ

Hobbies: football, gym and tennis

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I would like to study Medicine at University, while working as a Healthcare assistant. After completing an undergraduate medical degree, I aim to apply to the NHS two-year Foundation Training programme. Then to apply for full registration with the GMC.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: At Holmer Green Sixth Form, we are lucky to have a team of approachable and friendly staff. Students have a great work ethic and there is a supportive environment. Whether you need help with university applications or career paths, the team provide exceptional advice and provide invaluable resources and insights.


Head Student - Josh Holderness

Subjects studied: Geography, Business Studies, Philosophy & Ethics, EPQ

Hobbies: hockey, Watford Football Club fan

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I am not certain what I would like to do post sixth form. However, I am very interested in going into the marketing section of a business.

Thoughts on Sixth Form: I really enjoy the sixth form as the staff are very helpful. Also, the spaces and facilities are very modern and new and so it feels like an office space you may work in after school.

Head Student - Alicia Vargas Lawrence

Head Student - Alicia Vargas-Lawrence

Subjects Studied: English Literature, Drama, Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics

Hobbies: anything relating to theatre, and playing the classical and electric guitar

Post Sixth Form aspirations: To study English and Drama at Royal Holloway and go on to Theatre Directing at the RSC and London’s West End.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: For me Sixth Form has been fantastic, it's allowed me to pursue my interests in specific subjects and has allowed me so many fantastic opportunities to gain more insight into my career and university aspirations. 

Head Student - Amy Woodhead

Subject Studied: Sport, Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics 

Hobbies: my passion is football where I currently play for Oxford United Women’s Football Club and also referee local girls’ and boys’ teams. 

Post Sixth Form AspirationsI hope to achieve a scholarship to study for a degree in America whilst playing football. I am interested in a career associated with medicine, whether this be becoming a nurse or a paramedic. 

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I am enjoying studying less subjects in more depth. The environment is very supportive and helps you to become more independent. It prepares you well for the future. 


Public Relations Leader - Sophie Marchant

Subjects studied: French, Geography, Psychology, AS Maths

Hobbies: show-jumping, playing in a band, skiing

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I want to work in the aviation industry. 

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Sixth Form and the Sixth Form team have helped me gain confidence in all aspects and have opened my eyes to a wider range of opportunities. 


Deputy Events Team Leader - Charlotte King

Subjects studied: Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology, Geography, AS Maths 

Hobbies: volunteering with the Scouts, art and dance 

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I want to go into film production.  

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I enjoy the smaller class sizes and independence and responsibility that comes with it. 


Deputy Events Team Leader - Olivia Payne

Subjects Studied: Maths, Religious Studies, Art, EPQ


Hobbies: netball, horse riding, going out with friends

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I would like to go to university to study architecture. I would also like to go to travelling around Europe after Year 13.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I enjoy Sixth Form, it is a nice environment to work in and I enjoy my lessons.


Charities and Enterprise Leader - Jacob Roberts

Subjects studied: Business, Economics and English literature 

Hobbies: I enjoy playing golf and badminton

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I would like to go into banking.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: The sixth form is a welcoming and helpful place to study your A levels due to the sixth form staff always going out of their way to help. 


Community Leader - Amira Roubai

Subjects Studied: English, History, Biology

Hobbies: gym, fashion, being with friends

Post Sixth Form aspirationsI am aiming to be a diagnostic radiographer.  

My views on the Sixth Form: The staff are lovely; the sixth form is very welcoming and there’s always support if you need it.


Associate Student Governor - Eddie Charlesworth

Subjects studied: Maths, Geography, Philosophy & Ethics

Hobbies: tennis, golf, gym

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I aspire to be a pilot once I have finished school.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Holmer Green Sixth Form is a great school to help students achieve their aims during their A Level studies through the continuous support of the Sixth Form team.


Associate Student Governor - Kaitlyn Smith

Subjects studied: Philosophy and Ethics, English Literature and Drama 


Hobbies: singing, dancing and surfing 

Post Sixth Form aspirations: to go on to study law or teaching at university.  

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: It has allowed me to develop as an independent person as well as gaining life skills which I can later use in life.


New Student Ambassador - Chloe Seage

Subjects studied: History, Sport and Photography

Hobbies: walking my dog, listening to music and seeing friends


Post Sixth Form aspirations: My goal is to work in Media marketing platforms.  

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: A very caring and supportive environment that helps you excel yourself as much as you can in all areas.


Lead Careers Ambassador - Niamh Clarke 

Subjects studied: Sociology, English Literature, Food Science and Nutrition 

Hobbies: going out with friends, music, cooking

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I intend to take a gap year followed by apprenticeship in events management.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: It’s a nice environment, the staff are really friendly and kind and there is lots of additional support for students. 


Deputy Careers Ambassador - Annabelle Phillips

Subjects studied: Geography, Textiles, Sociology

Hobbies: dance, textiles 

Post Sixth Form aspirations: I would like to go to university, possibly to study Sociology. 

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: We have lots of support from teachers, it’s a nice environment, welcoming and friendly. 


Deputy Careers Ambassador - Lily McGill


Subjects studied: Philosophy & Ethics, Food Science & Nutrition, Sociology

Hobbies: football, work, socialising, going out with friends

Post Sixth Form aspirations: My goal is to be a paramedic and move to New Zealand to study and travel.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Amazing, staff are great, they are all are very approachable and supportive.



















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