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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Head Students

Head Student - Matthew Cherry

Subjects Studied: Maths, Biology, History and PE

Hobbies: Football, Cricket, Travelling

Enrichment Activities: Throughout my time at Holmer Green, I have taken part in various activities such as Silver DofE, playing for the school football team and becoming a Year 11 Prefect. I have also travelled on school trips to places such as Ypres, Valencia and Berlin. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to achieve a First in the Brilliance Club, where I studied ethnomusicology with the support of a specialist University professor.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I hope to do a Sports Science Degree at University.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: This Sixth Form offers great opportunities to further develop its students as well as provides support to create a friendly atmosphere in which students can learn.

Head Student - Lily-Ann Roberts

Subjects Studied - Textiles, Psycholgy, BTEC Sport and EPQ

Hobbies- Football, Running and cooking

Enrichment Activities - Throughout my time at HGSS I have taken lots of opportunities such as: Sports Leader, Student Council, Year 12 student representative and now Head Student which has been my best achievement. Other great things I have been involved with have been cultural trips to places such as Valencia for Spanish and Berlin for History. A great project I was a part of was the NFTS film competition where I worked with my team to produce a commercial about our Sixth Form and we came third. All of these areas have helped me to build my confidence speaking in public and think creatively.

Post Sixth Form aspirations - I am hoping to attend university and take a degree in marketing with communications and public relations or marketing with advertising.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form - I find the Sixth Form an exciting change from secondary school where you are treated with more respect and are given freedom to study subjects you enjoy and learn in a way that suits you.

Head Student - Femi Olawale

Subjects studied: Business Studies, English Literature, Politics

Hobbies: Football, Reading

Enrichment activities: Within school I take part in the community service taking care of younger members of the school that are struggling with mental health issues in my role as Mind Mentor. One of my best achievements whilst being at HGSS has been completing the Brilliant Club Programme, in which I achieved a first for my essay on Ethnomusicology after mentoring from a University professor.

Post Sixth form Aspirations: After Sixth Form I would like to study Law at University and hopefully go onto complete a pupillage to become a Barrister.

Thoughts on Sixth Form: I have really enjoyed the environment at this Sixth Form and the new facilities that have become available to us. The staff are really supportive, and we are provided an abundance of opportunities that look amazing on our CV’s.

Events Manager - Craig Hooper

Subjects studied: Chemistry, Maths, Biology

Hobbies: Football, Tennis, Cricket

Enrichment activities: Within school I have done many enrichment activities. I have taken part in DofE Bronze, Silver and Gold. I completed the Bronze Arts Award as well as being a part of the Mind Mentors’ program which helps younger students that are going through mental health issues. Furthermore, I was the captain of the school cricket team and I also played in the school football team. During my time in lower school, I was part of the Student Council which I then progressed into becoming a Prefect during Year 11. Moreover, when I joined Year 12, I joined both the Sixth Form Working Party and the Management team as being a Year 12 representative. Furthermore, during enrichment I took part in the NFTS film challenge where we had to make an advert for school where our school placed 4th. In my final year at Holmer Green I am now part of the management team as the Events Manager and it is my role to organise any events that happen within Sixth Form throughout the year, (E.g., Prom, Last day activities, Enrichment, Trips, Fundraisers).

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: In future, I would like to go to University and study either Biomedical Sciences or Pharmacology and with that I would work in research and drug development.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: Holmer Green Sixth Form is a community driven environment with everyone interacting with one another and being both friendly and supportive. They also provide a plethora of different opportunities for all types of people whether that’s being part of the school football team, doing DofE or doing a more academic activity such as public speaking competitions

Enterprise Manager - Jake Dean

Subjects studied: Maths, Biology, politics and EPQ

Hobbies: I enjoy baking, listening to music and travelling

Enrichment activities: During my time at Holmer Green, I have taken up the opportunity to become a Mind Mentor to help the younger years who may be struggling. In addition, I am also subject mentor for politics, meaning I am an ambassador for the subject and am available to help any students taking the subject who need it. I also enjoy partaking in enrichment activities provided by the school such as yoga in Year 12.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I am hoping to go to university to study politics and international relations, and would also love to spend some time travelling to new places.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: The teachers at Holmer Green really do want the best for you and will be able to support you through your time and the whole Sixth Form provides a really great environment for students to learn.

Public Relations Manager - Leo Salem

Subject Studied: Music, Maths, Philosophy & Ethics

Hobbies: Music and Sports

Enrichment activities: Within school, I am part of the Sixth Form Band as well as School Band. I am also part of the Sixth Form Football Team. Some of my best achievements include participating in the Rotary Club Public Speaking competition, STEM competition where my team placed second overall as well as being part of the Student Council throughout my lower school journey. Outside school I help out at my local Music Centre with the Junior Ensembles and play for the Buckinghamshire County Youth Orchestra as well as the High Wycombe Community Orchestra. I also assisted the High Wycombe council in conducting the Marcus Rashford Scheme over the summer.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I would like to undertake a joint honours degree in International Relations and Economics.

Community Manager - Maddy Medway

Subjects studied: English literature, Psychology and Philosophy & Ethics

Hobbies: Reading, veganism and feminism

Enrichment activities: Within school I have helped younger students with their mental health through my role as mind mentor and have been introduced to the charity Transitions UK where I have trained to volunteer with adolescents with disabilities. In addition to this, outside of school I work at an after-school club for primary school age children.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I hope to attend university to get a degree in education and then become a primary school teacher.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: In the Sixth Form we have access to amazing facilities, supportive teachers and an overall really welcoming environment.

Year 7 Ambassador - Amelia Vickery

Subjects studied: Food Science & Nutrition, Psychology and Religious Studies

Hobbies: Cooking/ baking, playing the piano, and art

Enrichment activities: Since I started this school in Year 7 I have always tried to play my part within the school. In Year 7 I was a part of the library team, In Years 8- 10 I was a part of the student committee to try and help the school through a student perspective, and finally in Year 11 I was a Prefect.

Some of my best achievement during my time at HGSS, was being able to get all the opportunities here, to help me in the near future. Like my Arts Award in Year 8, becoming a Prefect in Year 11 and now being a part of the Sixth Form Management Team. From getting all these opportunities, I have been able to grow my confidence through the years and helped me develop on what I want to do in the future.

Outside school I help with PPG (Patient Participation Group) at my doctor surgery. I help to speak on behalf of the patients at the doctor surgery, and see how they can have a more enjoyable experience. I speak on behalf of the younger generation on how the doctor surgery can fit our needs.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: After Sixth Form I am hoping to be in a career of Tech Sales.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: I think HGSS Sixth Form is really good for many different aspects, the facilities which are given to Sixth Formers are very good, all the teachers are very supportive and all the students are really friendly.

New Student Ambassador - Haleema Azad

Subjects Studied: Science, Philosophy and Ethics, Health and Social Care, EPQ

Hobbies: Cooking, Swimming, Sewing

Enrichment:  Within school I devote my time to being a student ambassador and focus on younger years' mental health. I also completed training to become a Mind Mentor where my role entails me to communicate with younger years and also provide support when needed. I also take part in community service for my local area, assisting sick Patients in hospitals and also volunteering at my local COVID vaccination centre. I found this to be a very rewarding job I completed in the summer.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations:  I would like to move on to study a career in science at university where I would also love the opportunity to go on travelling adventures as well.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form:  Holmer Green Sixth Form supported me into bringing the best out of myself and helping me strive for the best. The Sixth Form is friendly and supportive and I really enjoy all the opportunities we are given.

New Student Ambassador - Madison Goodliff

Subjects studied: Art, Textiles, Psychology, EPQ

Hobbies: Photography, painting, making clothes, sports

Enrichment activities: Within school I give my time to being a MIND mentor. This means I try to provide the best care and assistance for young pupils within the school who are struggling with things like mental health.  These sessions also provide a safe environment for expression and comfort. Furthermore, I am also the student ambassador for Year 12 pupils, meaning I’m there to lend a hand when the pupils feel stressed or just need someone to talk to about any daunting experiences they are facing.

Post Sixth Form Aspirations: I would like to go on and study Art with Textiles at university which will get me a step closer to my career goal of becoming an art therapist. I would also love to spend a year backpacking around Europe.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: The Sixth Form experience for me has been amazing! It is an incredibly friendly environment in which you can truly enjoy doing what you love.

Associate Student Governor: Daniel Putnam

Subjects Studied: Maths, Biology, History, and BTEC Sport

Hobbies: Football, Golf, Cricket, Videogaming

Enrichment Activities: During my time at HGSS, I have taken part in several opportunities, one of these being Brilliance Club. Through Brilliance Club, we were given the opportunity to look around Universities while also improving our essay writing skills. I also took part in the STEM challenge when I was in Year 10, and we went to Reading University to compete in a quiz, in which my team came 3rd. Additionally, I’ve also involved myself in the Sports Leaders programme in Year 12, which provided a chance to improve both my leadership and communication skills.

What I want to do post Sixth Form: I want to go to university to study for a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, in the hope of eventually working in the sporting industry.

My views on the Sixth Form: I enjoy learning here as its very friendly, and the smaller class sizes make the lessons far more interactive.

Associate Student Governor: Aaron Absalom

Subjects studied: Biology, Business Studies, Mathematics

Hobbies: Football, table tennis, cycling and sim-racing

Enrichment activities: I am a subject mentor for both Biology and Maths as part of the sixth form's mentorship scheme, where I support and help younger students, helping clear up any misconceptions in their learning. This not only is of help to other students but also myself as I often complete additional research to be of good help.

Post sixth form aspirations: I hope to study Operating Department Practice at university.

Thoughts on the Sixth Form: A welcoming and collaborative environment focussed on helping us achieve our goals, whilst providing many opportunities to explore different areas through enrichment.













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