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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Chemistry - A Level

Having an A-level Chemistry qualification is rather like having an open flight ticket to any destination in the world - it gives you great choice. It introduces you to important chemical concepts in a fun, exciting and practical way.  It also supplies you with a real world application for the processes which you can carry forward with you to university or employment.

An important part of the course is working with others as an effective team and communicating findings clearly so you can solve problems together. Practical skills underpin much of the course and you will be developing these to make you more confident, methodical and analytical in a lab. The Chemistry course is challenging and therefore highly valued in the outside world. A student who is prepared to work hard will achieve a good grade.

Course content

Unit 1 Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry covers atoms, chemical bonding, and the kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions.

Unit 2 Inorganic Chemistry

Here we look at the groups of the periodic table, how the elements react and their properties.

Unit 3 Organic Chemistry

In this unit we look at alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and more. We also look at how to analyse and make different compounds in a lab.

Practical work runs throughout the course; minimum 12 required practicals.

On consultation it is possible to study a 1 year AS-level in Chemistry, completing Y1 content in physical, Inorganic and organic topics


Exam Board: AQA

A Level

This is a linear A-level with all exams taken at the end of  Year 13

Paper 1: Physical and Inorganic including practical skills (35%, 2 hours)

Paper 2: Physical and organic including practical skills (35%, 2 hours)

Paper 3: All topics, critical analysis of given experimental data and a 30 mark multiple choice  

(30%, 2 hours)

Students will be examined internally at the end of Year 12

AS Level

All exams taken at the end of Year 12

Paper 1: Physical and Inorganic including practical skills and 15 mark multiple choice (50%, 1.5hours)

Paper 2:  Physical and Organic including practical skills and 15 mark multiple choice (50%, 1.5hours)

Pass/Fail Practical endorsement for Chemistry – this is continuous throughout Y12 and Y13 and is teacher assessed.

Head of Subject:  Dr S Cockbill

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Chemistry GCSE or a 6-6 in Combined Science. In addition, grade 6 in Maths  and grade 5 in English Lit or Lang

Are you interested in: Developing chemistry through an experimental approach, developing imaginative and critical thought, applying chemical principles to personal, social, environmental and economic issues?

Leading to a career in: Chemistry, Chemical Manufacture; Research and Development; Agriculture, Biochemistry; Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering; Environmental Science, Food Science, Forensic Science, Veterinary Science, Geology, Metallurgy, Water Management; Public Service, Education; Sales, Marketing and Accountancy.

This subject goes well with: Biology, Physics, Maths, Psychology, Geography, technology, IT, Business

Student views

“I enjoy how each topic is linked to the previous incorporating all elements of Chemistry.”