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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Art and Design: Photography - A Level

Transition Programme for A Level Photography

Photography at HGSS is under exam board Edexcel. The course is 60% coursework, this will take the form of a 'Personal Project' starting as a workshop style skill-based learning experience, before moving on to varying idea sections and a development of ideas, through to outcome/s. Alongside this, students have to complete a standalone essay linking to their Personal Project (an essay of continuous prose between 1000 and 3000 words and is worth 12% of the total CW mark).

The exam aspect of the course (the ESA) is worth 40% and is completely governed by the exam board. This usually begins in the February of Year 13 and ends in the April.

In order to prepare for the above, students could complete research into a number of photographic skills. This research does not have to be extensive however, as the workshops beginning in September will cover these aspects in more detail and students will evidence their understanding in depth inside their sketchbooks.

Please consider the following:

  • The Exposure Triangle - what is exposure? what does it look like? What photographic elements does the Exposure Triangle consist of? What is a histogram? Why are they useful to photographers?

  • Composition - what is it, why does it aid photography and how many ways can it be explored? Research should be visual and written.

  • Focus - what does this mean? How is it controlled? What impact does focus have with regards to photography? What about macro photography? What is a bokeh?

  • Shutter Speed - what does this refer to? What do varying shutter speeds look like? Why are they needed?

  • Light - without light there can be no photography. What are the rules of light? What is the difference between soft and hard light? What equipment aids lighting techniques and how?

  • Consider the power of colour vs black and white photography.

  • Dark Room - research the dark room photographic process and create a visual and written step by step guide to represent this.