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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

Art & Design - A Level

Why choose A Level Art? The results are exceptional! This specification is designed to encourage candidates to explore a range of 2 or 3 dimensional approaches to their studies and extend their own ways of seeing the world. They have the opportunity to choose one or more of the following options.  Multiple options can be taken as separate A level options on request.

You will investigate a range of topics covering many aspects of human behaviour including eye witness testimony, the effects of institutionalisation on attachment bonds, biological explanations of criminal behaviour and the cultural bias in diagnosing pathological disorders.  The course offers a broad range of topics that lead well into Higher Education and further study of the subject. 

Course content

Students will:

  • Record observations, ideas, information and insights appropriate to intentions.
  • Use art and design techniques to record observations, ideas, information and insights appropriate  to intentions.
  • Analyse and artistically evaluate art and design practice demonstrating an understanding of purpose, meaning and context.
  • Use art and design to develop ideas through sustained investigations and exploration, selecting and using materials, processes and resources, identifying and interpreting relationships and analysing methods and outcomes.
  • Present a personal and informed response, realising intentions and showing connections with the work of others.

Recommended general websites

Institute of International Visual Arts -

British Museum -

Getty Museum -

Museum of Modern Art New York -

Guggenheim Museums Worldwide -

Crafts Council UK -

Photographers’ Gallery -


Exam Board : Edexcel

Art & Design 9ADO, Fine Art 9FAO, 3D Design 9TDO, Graphic Communication 9GCO


Unit 1: Coursework project (50% of AS Level)

Unit 2: Externally set project including exam (50% AS)


Unit 3: Coursework project including written personal study (60% of A2)

Unit 4: Externally set project including 15 hour exam (40% of full A2)

Head of subject: Mrs A Hearne

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in an Art subject, portfolio of work

Are you interested in: Creativity, using a range of tools and techniques, hearing about a range of historical and contemporary practitioners.

Leading to a career in: Teaching, Advertising, Film, Fashion, Graphics, Architecture, Set Design

This subject goes well with: Any subject!

Student views

"Art will develop your conceptual ideas which opens up thought processes in other areas”.