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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School


The PE Department have been challenging students to a wide array of home activities throughout the school closures, with the aim of providing fun ways to stay fit and healthy at home.  

Our second set of challenges saw Years 7-9 working their way through a bingo board of exercise circuits, where each letter represented a different exercise, and each day required them to spell a different word.  Alternatively, students could choose to track the number of kilometres they managed to walk, run or cycle in the space of three weeks.

Nine students* managed to achieve a ‘full house’ - completing the word / circuit every day for 3 weeks.  As well as numerous students finishing the challenge with at least 1 row or column under their belt.  In addition, over 1650km were covered in the cardio part of the challenge.  Even more impressively, 20% of this distance was completed by just two of our fantastic Year 7 students; Lucas Cameron and Ben Edwards.  Well done to everybody involved and we hope you enjoy our final set of challenges now available on SMHW… the HGSS Home Sports Days.

*Skyla Regan, Jude Stacey, Callum Elsey, Jamie Gilbert, Sam Gilbert, Mia Barnes, Finley Hayes, Kenzie Blunt, Rebecca Tye