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Holmer Green Senior School

Holmer Green Senior School

7S Science Investigate Sound and Light

7S Scientists have recently begun investigating sound and light.  On 5 April they brought some homemade musical instruments so that we could investigate amplitude and frequency. 


The students learned how string, wind and percussion instruments can be used to produce louder and softer notes as well as notes of a higher or lower pitch.  This reinforced our learning about sound waves.


Several of the instruments produced were very good indeed, a special mention should go to Jake Gibson who won the class vote for the best instrument and George Dent who sent in his instruments despite being unwell.


We are continuing our studies of Science using practical experiments as much as possible to reinforce our learning.  7S have proven themselves to be very good practical scientists and this has helped them to understand scientific concepts to a deeper level that written work alone.


Well done 7S!