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Holmer Green Senior School

Learning Support

Learning Support Department and Speech and Language Resource is led by Mrs Claire Hawkins, SENCo.  She is supported by a Specialist Teacher, a Speech and Language Therapist and a team of high quality Learning Support Assistants (LSAs).

Important information is contained in the documents listed below

The role of the Learning Support Department is to support students to access the mainstream curriculum.  We do this by supporting in some lessons, providing interventions for reading, literacy and numeracy and assessing for and delivering appropriate exam concessions.

Working with students

LSAs work closely with subject teachers to promote effective teaching and learning.  Students are supported socially and emotionally within school with an opportunity for pastoral support.

Working with outside agencies

The school is supported by outside agencies such as CAMHS, the Education Welfare Service, the Occupational Therapy Service, the Speech and Language Therapy Service, the Educational Psychology Service, family resilience, the Specialist Teaching Service and Outreach services.

Working with parents

Parents receive regular updates and packs to enable them to be involved in their child's education.  Parents of pupils with an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) will have annual review meetings to discuss their child's progress.  Pupils with a SSP (School Support Plan) will receive termly review and target setting information.

Speech and Language Resource (ARP - Additionally Resourced Provision)

The ARP serves the whole of Buckinghamshire.  Six Year 7 places are available each September.


The Speech and Language Resource works towards pupils becoming effective, independent learners equipped with an appropriate range of life skills.

Supporting students

Holmer Green Senior School supports full inclusion of pupils with special education needs. The Speech and Language Resource works with pupils directly to develop their language, learning and social skills by providing:

  • specialist support in mainstream lessons
  • small group and individual Speech and Language therapy
  • small group specialist teaching
  • mentoring
  • pastoral support

What do we offer?

  • Social communication groups
  • 1:1 additional maths
  • Drop-in lunchtime clubs such as Lego Club
  • Homework/coursework support
  • Catch-up reading
  • Use of Alphasmarts for use in lessons
  • Readers, scribes, PCs and extra time for exams
  • Modified work for visually impaired students

A student's progress is then monitored and supported by the SENCo and SEN staff using relevant assessments including reading and spelling tests; additional information may also be collated from teachers' feedback, liaison with outside agencies, parents/carers, observations etc.

Identifying and assessing students

For Year 7 students, we initially consider the information shared by primary school regarding the student's needs.  This process starts at the beginning of the summer term prior to entry to Year 7.  All information collated by the Pastoral Manager, Head of Year 7 and the SENCo is compiled to form a confidential SEN support document which is then shared with the teachers of the student.  This document contains information on the student's specific learning needs, strategies to support them and any other relevant information that may affect their learning.  The ARP students are given the opportunity to spend an extra transition day in school prior to starting.

Applying for a place

The procedure for applying for a place in the ARP is carried out at the Year 5 transfer review by the primary school.  If you wish to apply for a place in the ARP you must ensure you write HGSS ARP on your application form.  Further information about the application process can be found on the website:

The criteria for applying is that the child must have SLCN as their primary need on their statement.  In many cases the SENCo, or a representative from HGSS, will attend the Year 5 or 6 annual review of a student intending the join the school to help to make the right decision about school placement.

Visiting us!

Visitors are always welcome and we would encourage you and your child to have a tour of the school as well as arranging a specific visit to the Learning Support Department.  It would be helpful if you could bring a copy of your child's statement and latest SaLT report when you visit.

Please contact the school office to arrange an appointment:

01494 712219

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