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21st March. Students are making the news for real today as they take part in BBC News School Report.

We appeared at 13.22 on the live BBC news feed at 13:22 -  here is the team.

HGSS took part in the BBC News School Report. Students made news for real as they took part in BBC News School Report.

Here are the stories the teams generated (all pdf files 35kb to 260kb) - Well done to everyone:

Twitter in politics 

Ringing the changes on mobile phones in school?

Making a MFL compulsory at GCSE

A wonderful sound for the ears - school concert


The 2012 News Team

The teams hard at work:


Here are a couple of the articles we published:

Emily dives deep into success

New blood drug could save 5,00 strokes a year

Interviewing Mr Jones (Headteacher) about               News reporters interviewing Lab technician Dr Morton

the school's involvement in Sports Relief                   about the breakthrough drug which may help prevent                                                                                              5,000 strokes a year.


Students from HGSS school made news for real today as we took part in BBC News School Report, see the articles below.
The class taking a break from their News School Report preparations.
On 15th March we worked on some great stories, here are some of the finished articles (all MS-Word documents):

Sporting talent makes a splash! (1.9MB)

Radiation water fear (65kb)

Under 10's licensed for shotguns (171kb)

Fern's "New Beginnings" (47kb)


Here is the busy newsroom: